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My life’s work is about defrosting the models of the ‘right to work” default belief towards the ‘right to Be’.  The desire to contribute is imbued in humans and has been coopted by money and greed. What this is NOT is a rant about how to make a living. It is about work as a strategy to live with joy and ease.

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Who we think we are matters. When we imagine who we are together, it matters even more!

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My intention is to open a space where I can use stories and metaphors to stimulate conversations about the value of living and working that are a model of health and wholeness for all of us including forgotten wisdom of the ages.

My request is for you to add your insight about the topics that spring out of my experiences. Add perspectives that may differ or expand an evolving story.

You can find out more about me at https://duanneredus.com

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Weekly musings about working to live or living to work from my avatar, ShaMama who showed me the importance of finding a seat at the table. Not always the boardroom. Most often around the kitchen, dining or picnic table.


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